eBussed – Building capacities for European-wide e-bus deployment

Transitioning from a region with public transportation based on diesel buses to a region with e-bus fleets requires ample expertise in different fields. A wide range of themes must be covered in order to initiate and support e-bus development. The project concentrates on the exchange of experience between partner regions at different stages of e-bus operation development, thereby serving regions struggling with this highly technical and fast developing field.

REGIONS 4FOOD – REGIONal Strategies 4 FOOD 4.0 Revolution

Data has become a key asset for the food industry which is leading to innovations in technology and the development of new tools and skills However, the large volume and diverse nature of food value chains data and actors call for specific integration and management procedures to make the most of new economic opportunities based on information, data and cognitive technologies and promote innovation-driven growth.


The COVID-19 crisis has accelerated the need to modernise and digitally transform training systems in Europe. The CIRCULAR SME SCAN (CSS) links this to the circular economy, a strategic approach to a greener economy to support European recovery.

SAGA Social And GAstronomic entreprenuership in empty Europe

The trend of rural depopulation faced by many European countries and regions, is generating areas considered “Empty Europe”, who upfront specific and related demographic and economic challenges and a lack of public services. At the same time, these territories have a rich culinary heritage, gastronomy and/or food production, which at the same time can generate opportunities.

Medtech4 Europe – Optimizing the impact of public policies in favour of research and innovation facilities in the field of medical technologies

Medical technologies are a key sector for the future in Europe by bringing solutions to reduce healthcare costs in a context of ageing population. With emergence of new and cross-sectorial technologies, it is one of the most innovative high-tech sector which faces a strong world competition requiring each time more innovation. But the sector is fragmented with a high number of products and SMEs; RDI infrastructures offers do not always meet effectively companies demands.

FIRECE – Innovative Financial Instruments for industry low carbon energy transition in Central Europe

To reach nationals targets for renewable energy shares of final energy consumption CE regions have the common challenge to keep investing and even to accelerate the financing of concrete actions to deliver sustainable energy measures.

I-CON – Improving COmpetences and skills through Food sector InNovations – (Interreg Central Europe Programme)

Slovenia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia are facing declining employment opportunities in traditional industries as a result of structural change. This emphasises the need to take steps to stimulate economic activity with employment generating potential in regions that are facing difficulties in maintaining a critical mass of facilities to support economic development.

V-EDUCA 2 – Vocational education 2

Vocational Education 2 is an educational project on nearly zero energy buildings (NZEB). The main objective of the project is to smooth transition from standard and often energy poor construction to nZEB standard supported by EU and cross-border countries.

EE Pannonia – Elaboration of joint energy efficiency action plan for the border region by municipalities, involving the local community (Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013)

The project EE Pannonia – „Elaboration of joint energy efficiency action plan for the border region by municipalities, involving the local communities” is implemented in the framework of the Hungary – Croatia IPA Cross-Border Co-operation Programme 2007-2013.

APP4INNO – Establishment and promotion of new approaches and tools for the strengthening of primary sector’s competitiveness and innovation in the South East Europe (South East Europe Programme)

The APP4INNO project that will be implemented as part of the European Union’s South East Europe Programme started on 1st of October 2012. In its realization STRIA works together with 14 partners form eight countries.

STEP – Improving Communities’ Sustainable Energy Policy Tools (INTERREG IVC)

EU member states have committed themselves to demanding climate and energy targets, the so call “20-20-20 targets”. To reach these targets, however, national and regional policies need to be deployed more efficiently at local authorities’ level.

InnoInvest – Establishing business co-operation among innovative actors in the border region (Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme)

The „InnoInvest – Establishing business co-operation among innovative actors in the border region” project is financed by the Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-border Co-operation Programme. There are 8 partner organizations taking part in the project 5 from Croatian side and 3 representing Hungary.

Inno-CropFood – Transnational Innovation Platform from Cropfield to Table (Hungary-Croatia IPA Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013)

The overall objective of the project is to develop mutual communication platform between agro-food stakeholders in order to improve of the RDI capacity of the target region.

FORT – Fostering continuous research and technology application (Central Europe Programme)

By strengthening the cooperation between actors of the innovation system and developing joint services for target groups, the project will explore existing and develop further instruments for supporting open innovation, which foresees a transfer of SME’ internal environment into external environment including public R&D capacities, transnational networks, clusters. Specific objectives of the project are: implemented pilot actions; developed recommendations for creating organizational culture in SMEs and public research organizations for continuous innovation; implemented training programs and established transnational innovation system network; created space for ongoing exchange of innovative ideas.

Access – ACCelerating regional competitivenESS and sector-based excellence through innovation management tools and techniques (Central Europe Programme)

ACCESS (ACCelerating regional competitivenESS and sector-based excellence through innovation management tools and techniques) is our latest project within the CENTRAL EUROPEAN PROGRAMME.

I3SME – Introducing Innovation Inside SMEs (Central Europe Programme)

„I3SME – Introduction Innovation Inside SMEs” project financed by the Central Europe Program of the EU. There are 9 partner organisations from Italy, Austria, Germany, Hungary, Poland and Slovenia.

AsviLoc plus – Agencies Supporting Value of Innovation systems in regional and LOCal economies (South East Europe Transnational Cooperation Programme)

The main objectives of the project are: to contribute building up a transnational innovation system; to enhance RDAs role fostering regional innovation system; to share and to capitalise lessons learnt from the EU RPIAs.

National Projects

“Improving the STRIA” project

Based on its achievements in the field of regional innovation, the South Transdanubian Regional Development Agency (STRDA) – in collaboration with other innovation and economic development supporting organisations – established the Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. (STRIA) in 2008.