STRIA South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency attended the webinar: Exploring methods to increase biowaste collection, organised by the Policy Learning Platform. STRIA has several project related sustainability and circular economy, therfore it is crucial to learn about biowaste collection and treatment as well.

In this episode,on 23rd of April 2024, we were given creative solutions, best practices, direction, and suggestions supported by actual Interreg Europe project examples.

Important insights were the followings:

Of municipal solid trash, half is made up of biowaste. Europe produces high-quality compost and digestate from less than 40 million tonnes of separately collected urban bio-waste (ECN, 2022). Less than 17% of biodegradable garbage.

Offering starter kits (compostable bags, kitchen caddy) for free that helps increase the rates of biowaste collection.

The usage of compostable bags always depends on pre-treatment and the specific collection and treatment system because they facilitate collection and improve material purity, but they can also cause problems in biogas plants.

The most effective collection strategies are those that go door to door.

Reward programmes and pay-per-throw services have shown to be excellent instruments for encouraging and boosting the collection of biowaste. Make the collection and treatment of biowaste less expensive than its disposal in landfills.

Explore the recording, key learnings and presentations on the link below: