The South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (DDRIÜ) is proud to announce the kick-off conference of the HyperBOT project, held on April 12-13, 2024, at the Balance Resort Thermal Hotel in Lenti, Hungary. The conference brought together experts from five countries, Hungary, Austria, Croatia, Slovenia and Malta, to delve into the innovative realm of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) and its potential in treating Long-COVID and related conditions.

The HyperBOT project, funded by the Interreg Programme VI-A Austria-Hungary 2021-2027, aims to foster cross-border collaboration in researching the effects of HBOT. This therapy, known for its positive physiological impacts, is underexplored in Hungary but has a rich history in Austria. The project seeks to establish joint research efforts to explore HBOT’s efficacy, particularly in treating Long-COVID patients with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Symptoms (POTS).

Our Agency plays a pivotal role in the project, leveraging its thematic expertise and research experience. It facilitates smooth communication within the consortium and actively contributes to knowledge exchange and research collaboration. Additionally, DDRIÜ participates in developing policy recommendations and organizing workshops to promote HBOT awareness and accessibility.

The conference agenda featured presentations from key stakeholders, including representatives from the Zala County Assembly, the Medical University of Graz, and local healthcare facilities. Topics ranged from the introduction of HBOT in medical practice to cost-effectiveness considerations and innovative approaches in healthcare education.

The event provided a platform for experts to share insights, exchange best practices, and lay the groundwork for future collaboration. Participants also had the opportunity to tour the Balance Medical Center, gaining firsthand experience of HBOT facilities.

By fostering dialogue and collaboration, the HyperBOT project aims to advance research, promote HBOT awareness, and improve patient access to this innovative therapy. DDRIÜ remains committed to supporting these efforts and driving innovation in the South Transdanubian region.