The Interreg Europe Programme organizes online events and webinars for the economic development and environmental sustainability of the European Union, as part of the Policy Learning Platform service of the Programme. At these events, in addition to the speeches of well-known experts in the given topic, the Good Practices of the projects granted by the Programme will also be presented.

On the afternoon of 30 January 2024, the Policy Learning Platform event called “The double transition for small and medium-sized enterprises” took place. The South Transdanubia Regional Innovation Agency also participated in the webinar, as the project led by the Agency and called “GRANDIS – Green, digital, female-driven SMEs” was approved for funding in the second call for proposals of the Programme.

The online event made it clear that the double or twin transition covers agriculture, buildings and construction, energy-related issues, energy-intensive industrial sectors, and transport. These areas are interwoven with data and information technology-based digitization and an environmentally friendly, green transition. The transition also implies political, social and economic impacts, for which some basic principles must be met. In accordance with these principles, among others, the transition must be just (i.e. not disadvantageous for anyone) and technologically possible. It is also expected that the framework strategies of the European Union should be addressed – for example the Green Deal –and connection to community co-financing should be enhanced, too.


In the second half of the event, the collagues representing three successful Interreg Europe projects introduced the implementation of their Good Practices, in the topics shown in the screenshot below.



The participation of the South Transdanubia Regional Innovation Agency in the Interreg Europe Programme is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Hungary.