The Central Danube Development Agency Nonprofit Kft. (KDMFÜ) organized a large-scale tourism conference in Paks on 5 October 2023. The event focused ont he newly adopted tourism strategy of the Central Danube Priority Area (KDMKT) and its presentation. The contents of the strategy are well illustrated in the KDMFÜ image film (

The priority area, consisting of 99 settlements and equivalent to an independent county, is centered around Paks and has many active and eco-tourism attractions. The Danube river, the Sió canal and the West main canal divide the area of the KDMKT into even more parts. It is also clear from this that creating a strategy that is based on the tourism developments of other territorial units, and at the same time different from those by using the right buzzwords, was not an easy task. The senior officials of the KDMKT and the KDMFÜ, as well as the speakers of the event, partly in view of these dilemmas, explained the situation, capabilities and prospects of tourism. Within the framework of the conference, two workshops took place on the topic of partnership and tourist attraction, as well as on agrotourism and experience farms.

The nearly 100-person event was organised with prominent professional support from Paks II. and the Centre for Active and Ecotourism Development. The conference provided the opportunity to present and taste local products, too.