On 11 September 2023 a cooperation agreement was signed in Pécs between the Hungarian Cluster Community and the University of Pécs (UP). The Hungarian Cluster Community consists of six Hungarian industry clusters – the Mediklaszter-medical-technical, Mirbest Central European Cluster for gastronomy, iFood Food Cluster-food industry, Omnipack Cluster-packaging technology, Innoskart Cluster IT-digitalisation, and Hungarian Construction Progressive Cluster-construction industry. The aim of the cooperation is to ensure an efficient flow of scientific results and innovations to businesses, contributing to economic growth, sustainable development and strengthening the international competitiveness of Hungarian clusters. (Source: Chancellery of UP)

More in Hungarian: https://alumni.pte.hu/hu/hirek/egyutt-az-innovacios-es-gazdasagi-celokert

STRIA, as one of the the owners of the management organisation of the iFood Food Cluster, was present at the signing of the agreement, indicating its full support for the cooperation.

Source: Szabolcs Csortos (UP)

On 12 September 2023 STRIA by signing the Climate Neutrality Treaty assured the city of Pécs of its commitments to achieve climate neutrality by 2030. Key priorities and strategic interventions include:

– Retrofitting buildings for sustainability,

– The solar energy revolution,

– Decarbonising heating systems,

– Electrification of transport,

– Optimising logistics,

– Developments in waste management,

– Circular economy initiatives,

– Greening the city – offsetting residual emissions by developing green infrastructure.

In addition, STRIA supports the above priorities and initiatives through its completed (Circular SME Scan, e-Bussed) and ongoing (Circular SME Scan in Hospitality, CIREVALC and PROMOTER, Skilled e-Bus transition) projects.