The South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (STRIA) will participate as lead partner in two new Erasmus+ projects from 1 November 2023.


The two winning proposals are the Erasmus+ project “Circular SME Scan in Hospitality” (hereafter CSS-H) and “Upskilling local public actors for e-bus transition” (hereafter Skilled e-bus transition).

The CSS-H project under the Erasmus+ program aims to develop sustainable tourism and hospitality, for which informed participation of all stakeholders and strong political leadership are essential to ensure broad participation and consensus building. CSS-H will enhance and stimulate joint action by stakeholders throughout the value chain by providing tools and materials for enhanced circular cooperation throughout the chain.

Throughout the project, the partnership will create different circular life journeys for the hospitality sector to raise awareness and facilitate the learning process for the target group. It will develop specific self-assessment and learning materials for micro SMEs in the hospitality sector. Support the creation of a regional networking toolkit for SMEs to help them build a network by involving stakeholders and fostering their cooperation in order to implement the circular value chain.

The project was based on real hospitality needs and requirements that emerged during the implementation of the Erasmus+ Circular SME Scan project.

The project partners come from Hungary, Spain, Croatia, Lithuania, Greece and Ireland.

Project duration: 01.11.2023. – 31.10.2025.

Budget of STRIA: 45.833, EUR.


The Skilled e-bus transition project aims to raise awareness of the green transition through continuous education and training of local (public) actors in sustainable transport and e-bus promotion, raising political and professional awareness of new, efficient and clean urban e-bus mobility systems. Its specific objective is to train staff of public bodies and companies (including public-private partnerships) on e-bus in urban public transport and to train staff of public bodies and organisations responsible for public transport on the deployment and operation of e-bus fleets, in line with current regulations and good practices.

The project has been built on the experiences and knowledge gained of the „eBussed – Building capacities for Europe-wide e-bus deployment programme, which supports the shift towards low-carbon mobility and more efficient public transport” project.

The project partners come from Hungary and Spain.

Project duration: 01.11.2023. – 30.04.2025.

Budget of STRIA: 32.000, EUR.