The South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency is a partner in the Interreg Europe Ebussed project.

eBussed supports the transition of European regions towards low carbon mobility and more efficient public transport. It promotes the uptake of e-buses in new regions and supports the expansion of existing e-fleets. eBussed project contributes to the Interreg Europe programme Specific objective 3.1 “Improving low-carbon economy policies” by encouraging regions to develop and deliver better policies related to the deployment of e-buses.

In Hungary, alongside the eBussed project, several other plans have been developed for the transition to electric buses. One of these is the Green Bus Programme.

Hungary will use the revenues from the sale of surplus carbon dioxide emission allowances to purchase electric buses, further expanding the Green Bus Programme. The quota trading agreement with Germany was announced by Attila Steiner, State Secretary for Energy Policy at the Ministry of Technology and Industry.

Source: MTI/Komka Péter

Member states that reduce emissions under EU rules can sell the surplus quotas, so countries that do well on climate protection, such as Hungary, can have additional resources to help them meet their targets. The State Secretary said that Hungary has already exceeded the EU’s emission reduction quotas, which is why the agreement to sell its surplus emission reduction quotas to Germany was reached. The allowances will be based on the EU’s effort-sharing policy and will come from deliveries before 2020.

Attila Steiner reminded that the transport sector is responsible for one fifth of the total carbon dioxide emissions in Hungary, therefore the government supports the spread of electric vehicles in line with the Climate and Nature Action Plan, as the government’s goal is to achieve full climate neutrality in Hungary by 2050, in which the greening of the transport sector plays an important role.

As part of the Action Plan, the Green Bus Programme has been launched, with 79 buses already delivered nationwide and funding decisions taken for a total of 139 clean and quiet vehicles. This number could increase further thanks to the quota trade agreement with Germany.


The original article was retrieved from the website „”. The article is entitled “Hungary buys electric buses from carbon dioxide quota sales” and was published on 2022.10.28.


The eBussed project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Hungary within the Interreg Europe Program