The South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency, in close cooperation with the Managing Authority (MA) of the Ecomomic Development and Innovation Operational Programme Plus (EDIOP Plus) has managed to influence the following calls for proposals in favour of medtech enterprises within the Medtech4 Europe project.

Action 1 of the Hungarian Medtech4 Europe Action Plan: Encouraging the cooperation and networking of medical technology companies

The EDIOP-2.1.1.-15 and -21 calls for proposals were supporting B2B cooperation exclusively, medtech enterprises included, posing limits against tech transfer and innivation. For enhanced innovation and technology transfer as part of tighter cooperation, based on STRIA proposal, the EDIOP and EDIOP Plus Managing Authorities extended the scope of cooperation based calls for proposals. In the „Hungarian Multi” (EDIOP Plus-1.1.2.-21) and the Green National Champions (EDIOP Plus-1.3.1-21) calls for proposals, allowing involvement of clusters and by that indirectly universities. These all mean extra points during evaluation. In the EDIOP Plus-2.1.1. call for proposal cooperation is at another level: university-public administration and company consortiums are eligible for higher level innovation and tech transfer.

Action 2 of the Hungarian Medtech4 Europe Action Plan: Capacity building of medtech enterprises

During the COVID-19 times, from 2020-2021 on, the EDIOP MA has been opened to increase the resilience of enterprises and upskilling of workforce (medtech companies included) by training activities based on good practices identified within the Medtech4 Europe project. The EDIOP-Plus 3.2.1. call (targeting resilience and upskilling) will support the blue and white collar workers of medtech enterprises for better skills and industrial knowledge as envisaged under Action 2.

Action 3 of the Hungarian Medtech4 Europe Action Plan (the pilot action of the project): Effective promotion and marketing for the better utilisation of medical technology research and development infrastructures

The EDIOP MA recognized that development of tools for businesses for technological modernisation (EDIOP-1.2.10-19, EDIOP-1.2.15-21), market penetration and presence requires new and online tools such as the showroom. When developing the EDIOP Plus ERDF co-financed Operational Programme, by learning from CEA’s Technological Showroom and transferring that to University of Pécs (as a core part of the pilot action), the medtech showroom became an optional eligible activity.

The Medtech4 Europe project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Hungary within the Interreg Europe Program