The professional pilot action entitled “Implementation of the academic programon the introduction of a master’s program in digital agriculture and the agri-food industry ”will take place at the MATE Kaposvár Campus. In the pilot action, the adaptability of some elements of the training program of the Spanish University of Seville will be examined with the involvement of the institution’s lecturers and students, in the second phase the training program element of the trainers will be implemented. Instructors will learn about the Spanish partner’s higher education practice in areas such as Precision Farming, Advanced Geomatics and Drones, Smart Monitoring of Production Systems, Data Analysis and Decision Support Systems, Smart Irrigation and Robotics.

The Interreg Europe Regions 4Food project covers 7 regions (including the South Transdanubia region) and aims to bring together the regions’ innovative aspirations for a data-driven food economy. The MATE Kaposvár Campus joined the project at the request of the South Transdanubia Regional Innovation Agency. The Project is implemented in collaboration with experts from the Digital Welfare Program.

the author of the article: Betty Dr Kovács


The Regions 4Food project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and the Hungarian State