The Cluster TechForLife has been nominated and won the 2021 SMAU Innovation Award, presenting Medtech4Europe Project as a key speaker during the Liveshow “DIGITAL HEALTH: CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES FOR THE HEALTH OF THE FUTURE”, which included speakers from Lepida, Dompé, Sanofi, Fondazione AIRC and Deloitte.

Medtech4Europe, which aims to optimize the impact of public policies in favour of research and innovation facilities in the field of medical technologies, has been announced as a success case at a dedicated event in front of a large audience. Cluster TechForLife, in line with the objective of the project, is committed to the development of effective regional policies for research infrastructures and facilities.

Cluster TechForLife, in accordance with the principles of the “quintuple helix model”, is a multidisciplinary partnership, which is able to cover all phases of development – innovation, integration, testing and promotion of products and services – aimed at redesigning living environments. The partnership comprises institutions from the world of research, large enterprises, SMEs and micro, associations and foundations. The innovative power of the Cluster TechForLife is based on the constant support of this network of territorial excellences that, thanks to joint work, actively participate in the development of the territory on a regional, national and European scale.


Cluster TechForLife, as a privileged interlocutor, actively collaborates in regional policy-making, therefore plays a key role in the definition and implementation of the Lombardy Region’s development strategy for the promotion of research and innovation. In particular, Cluster TechForLife brings the local needs of companies to the attention of the Lombardy Region (to the European Level) in order to identify the primary needs and investment interests and ensure that the Lombardy Region invests in that direction.

Within the framework of Medtech4Europe, the Cluster TechForLife’s plays a key role since it involves the Clinical Centres (Research Hospitals and Hospitals) along the entire value chain (clinical sector, patient and citizen), who, in collaboration with Research Entities and Universities, help companies develop and test their innovative prototype/products. Therefore, this represents an excellent opportunity both to work alongside the Region itself, and to collaborate on such a strategic issue as the policies for enhancing and accessing research infrastructures.

Another important activity within this field concerned the co-design work of Cluster TechForife and others stakeholders with Lombardy Region for the development and implementation of S3 2021-2027 (Smart Specialisation Strategy) and PST 2021-2023 (Three-Year Strategic Programme for Research, Innovation and Technology Transfer). In fact, in March 2021, Lombardy Region confirmed TechForLife’s canditure as co- coordinator for “HEALTH AND LIFE SCIENCE”, and two others “ecosystems”; as stakeholder for “Nutrition”, “Advanced Manufacturing”, “Sustainability”. Cluster TechForLife has been collecting contributions from partners and external stakeholders and returning them to the Lombardy Region, contributing to the involvement of the complete supply chain for medtech market development and implementation.

The ability of Cluster TechForLife to analyse, evaluate and implement best practice in the field of policies for medical sector, results from the following factors:

  • Has tight relationship with the main stakeholders of the policies that allowes the Cluster to access to the state of art of existing policies to analyse their strengths and weaknesses by the point of view of
  • Can count on members like Politecnico di Milano that have legal, scientific and technical knowledge and competencies necessary for the analysis and evaluation of healthcare policies and best
  • Is a scientific and technological landmark for the regional authorities responsible to implement policies
  • Can easily access to the stakeholders target of the policies thanks to its network

In recent years, we have collected thousands of cases of excellence with the Smau Innovation Award, which now make up a very comprehensive archive that can be consulted on our website and which we share at each stage of our Roadshow precisely to enhance and reward those who have begun the process of transformation and renewal so that it becomes a model for the benefit of companies and local authorities that have yet to launch innovation projects”.

(Pierantonio Macola, CEO – SMAU)


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