SRTIA South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. participated in the “Effective promotion and marketing for the better utilisation of medical technology research and development infrastructures” pilot action event within the Medtech4 Europe project.

The event started with an online study visit of the CEA Technology Innovation Showroom in Grenoble.

At the beginning of the presentation the global concept was illustrated. Showrooms with spacious interiors are highlighted, providing ample space for easy movement of groups of 15 visitors. Three showrooms are dedicated to three different approaches of CEA tech activities:

  • the past with the Success Stories – technology transfers already done,
  • the current time with the Technology Bricks showroom – running developments,
  • the future with the Vision showroom – 5-10 years approach.

At this moment, only Success Stories and Technology Bricks are used. Vision is still in development phase. It was pointed out that the showroom should only be visited with an expert, otherwise it becomes incomprehensible without an explanation.

The presenters drew attention to the unobtrusive but all the more interesting fact that the white hexagon formula furniture is the building block and the main design element of the showroom. These are similar in all the seven showrooms in France. The hexagon is the symbol of France, as the country is hexagonal, and the white colour allows text to be projected onto these surfaces.

After a short introduction, we had the opportunity to take a virtual tour of the showrooms, starting with „showroom of Success Stories”. Upon entering the 400m2 site, visitors will be guided to the application area of their interest. This section 17 “corners” including energy, cyber security, imaging, medical device, factory of the future, etc. plus one corner CEA and one corner start-up are offered for visiting with a guided tour and the different scenarios/concepts/demonstrators could also be projected.

Next in line was the Technology Bricks room, a spacious 120 m2 room with “island” installations. They relate to the past, but show current developments. The way of introducing these developments are changing. Technical Bricks showroom introduces the three strategic axes for CEA technology development:

  • digital transition,
  • energy transition,
  • medicine of the future,

will then present the related programmes, some of which will be illustrated with demonstrations of the diversity of development.  Finally, the third room is a showroom dedicated to 3D technologies. This 30m2 section has focused on the future technologies with network illustrations, video projections.

The partners were then given the opportunity to ask questions about the facility presented.

The Medtech4 Europe project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Hungary within the Interreg Europe Program.