On 11th March 2021 STRIA South Transdanubia Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. participated in the webinar of the INNOSKART CLUSTER (Székesfehérvár).

Representing Com-Forth Ltd., Péter Bóna managing director emphasized the importance of Industry 4.0 and digitization, especially for greenfield investments and the development of companies with old machinery.

With the system developed by them, production technologies can be digitally tracked, it becomes possible to monitor the behaviour of human labour, services and consumption needs, and production data become available.

The importance of edge computing is constantly growing, with the protection of personal and business data coming to the fore. With digitization, hyper automation, software robots, and the spread of artificial intelligence become available. With the help of intelligent robots, companies are able to react faster to changes in the event of another possible epidemic. The primary goal is to monitor data collection, to control manufacturing, ie machine efficiency indicators, quality indicators. In addition, it is possible to schedule the maintenance of the production line digitally (predictive, reactive, destructive maintenance).

András Zergi, head of the department on behalf of RUBIN Plc., said in his presentation entitled Energy measurements at companies that in accordance with the provisions of the MEH decree, data on sub-meters must be registered and data provided to the supervisory authority.

RUBIN Plc. provides a digital alternative to this:

  • Use of a measuring instrument with memory when designing a new system.
  • In the case of an existing system, it can be implemented in combination with IT memory.
  • Data can be read or collected by IT.

The energy monitoring system monitors changes in the weather, supports the operation with regular reports and alarms, guarantees the security of billing to the sub-meters and optimizes the specific energy consumption.

The system consists of external, on-site consumption meters, wired/wireless readers, data acquisition and data storage units. Data is transmitted via the Cloud application via a central data server.

Attila Fekete, development manager of fiREG.hu Ltd., explained that the focus of their business is software development, business development planning and solution optimization. In his presentation, he also introduced the electronically/digitally maintained paperless fire protection registration application.

In accordance with the Fire Protection Regulations, the obligation of the companies operating fire extinguishers, fire alarms and fire protection equipment to register and provide data requires significant administrative work, and the related labour demand is also significant. Digitally created cloud-based software enables legislation-based documentation, replacing paper-based data recording. The ROI of the application is favourable for the users. The data is recorded and stored at the touch of a button. The stored data is available to the authority and maintainers. With a cloud-based application, data can be accessed on an office computer, iOS, Android devices.

Based on the experience gained during the seminar and the current issues related to the topic, it can be said that digitalization will result in breakthrough changes in the management of businesses in the future.

More information about the event: https://innoskart.digital/esemenyek/uzemoptimalizator-webinar/

The Regions 4Food project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Hungary.