At the request of NYERŐMAGYAROK.EU, we gave an interview about our Erasmus + KA2 project SAGA, launched in the autumn of 2020:

What does the term “Empty Europe” mean?

The trend of rural depopulation is typical of many European countries and regions. These areas face significant demographic and economic challenges, exacerbated by the low quality and difficult availability of public services, but they also have a valuable tradition. The project aims to help reduce inequalities, economic recovery and inclusive and sustainable long-term growth in the “Empty Europe”.

Have you dealt with this topic before?

Two of STRIA’s previous international collaborations have also focused on helping entrepreneurs in the food industry. One of our projects, completed in 2019, was to improve entrepreneurial skills and competencies through food industry innovations. The other was a previous project aimed at increasing the low competitiveness of agricultural SMEs through R&D activities, the development of internationalization support services and the innovation potential of traditional products. During the implementation, we saw, and previously experienced from other areas, that both the SME sector and individual enterprises are areas to be developed. Anyone who does not have the opportunity to start a business in the food industry can also choose the primary producer and social cooperative form.

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