STRIA South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. (STRIA) is the Hungarian partner of the eBussed PGI05948 INTERREG EUROPE project ( This interregional cooperation project focuses on the transition from traditional public bus transport to e- bus fleets.

As a project in international cooperation, eBussed aims to exchange experience between the partner regions at various stages of the development of electric buses (linked urban/regional mobility planning, e-bus public procurement, operation of the electric bus fleet, maintenance, linking of business models, etc.). The project also serves those European regions, including the cities of Paks and Pécs within the South-Transdanubia, which envisage the purchase, operation or expansion of the existing electric bus fleet.


STRIA Nonprofit Ltd. will hold the next interregional learning event of the project on 31st March 2021, which focuses on the awareness raising for the deployment of e-buses with the e- bus drivers, maintenance staff and passengers involvement. The seminar will be held from 09:00 foreseen until 13:00.

The Program of the event:

Time Activity/presentation Speaker
08:50 Opening the GoToMeeting room
09:00 Welcome and introduction to the event Mr Zoltan HAÁSZ
managing director, STRIAMr. Zsolt PÁLMAI
deputy director, STRIA
09:10 State-led initiatives for awareness raising in favour of e-bus deployment: The Green Bus Program of the Hungarian Government – Green Bus Program Mrs.Veronika ERŐS
project leader, Green Bus Program
09:40 The Pécs case: e-bus development with continuous stakeholder and citizen involvement – Tüke Busz Plc. (PTO of Pécs) Mr. Zoltán CSÚCS
CEO, Pécs Városfejlesztési Plc. representing Tüke Busz Plc.
10:10 Coffee break
10:30 The Paks case: e-bus development with continuous stakeholder and citizen involvement – Paks Transport Ltd. (PTO of Paks) Mr. Balázs KISS
external expert, Paks Transport Ltd. and
Mr. István KIRÁLY
technical manager, Paks Transport Ltd.
11:00 Moderated debate centred on enhanced promotion and public awareness raising for e-bus deployment Mr. János SZÁSZ
e-mobility expert, CAE Consulting Ltd.
Participants:previous speakers, Mr. Markku IKONEN, senior lecturer Turku University of Applied Sciences
12:00 Questions and answers Mr. János SZÁSZ
e-mobility expert, CAE Consulting Ltd.
12:50 Closure of the event, short promotion for the next interregional learning event Mr. Zsolt PÁLMAI
deputy director, STRIA


The event will be held in English. Please indicate your intention to participate until March 30, 2021 at the following link: The link of the online event will be sent to the participants after the short registration, as well as before the webinar.

We look forward to hearing from you!

The eBussed project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Hungary.