In the implementation of the Medtech4 Europe Interreg Europe project centred on medical technologies, the South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency (STRIA) takes part as a project partner.

The progress report of the 5th project period contains the indicator called the number of people with increased professional capacity due to their participation in the project. This indicator is intended to assess individual, organisational and interregional learning. To accomplish this goal, the partnership compiled an online survey.


Thanks to the mobilisation of STRIA, 15 people in Hungary submitted their questionnaires.

The inquiry begins with a brief introduction on the purpose of surveying and following that continues with the interviewee’s data. The project categorizes the respondents into three groups according to their role in the project:

  • staff member of the lead partner,
  • staff member of a partner,
  • member of a stakeholder group.

The core part of the survey is the evaluation of the learning process where the participants can assess three statements, project activities and can describe the good practices that they found interesting. The rest of the questionnaire covers the impacts of the increased competences in the daily work and the action plan implementation.

As closing the survey, there is the option to add relevant information related to the learning process.


The Hungarian-related responses received show that the project has achieved its objective and that all participants considered learning processes helpful. People who completed the online form represent the staff members of STRIA and the members of a stakeholder group on behalf of Hungary. The study visit is the most useful project activity for learning from other regions and mostly the good practices related to study tours have been highlighted. Everyone agreed that the participation in the project increased their professional competence to a small or large degree and that they can use it in their daily work. Some of the answers have raised the issue of personal development, but some have also found the organisational learning to be decisive. For interregional learning, the preparation of the pilot action is taken as the best example by cooperating among STRIA, CEA (the Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission, FR) and UP (University of Pécs, HU).

The full analysis of the survey will be available in February 2021, when the lead partner summarises all the received answers.

The Medtech4 Europe project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Hungary.