The eBussed Interreg Europe project of South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. (STRIA) intends to promote electric buses deployment and everyday use of this mean of public transport. Part of the eBussed project implementation is the composition of and surveying the e-bus questionnaires, which on the one hand, would measure passenger satisfaction and take inventory of the attitude of the population to e-buses. On the other hand, the local public bus transport companies staff (bus drivers and the e-bus maintenance staff) have also the opportunity for evaluation, as those people work with e-buses on a regular basis.

We ask for your kind assistance to complete the relevant questionnaire(s) so as to achieve the above goals. We also thank you for forwarding the questionnaire(s) to your contacts.

Deadline for replying to the questionnaires: 31.10.2020. Saturday.

Questionnaire for passengers, who have already travelled by e-bus (HU language version):

Questionnaire for passengers, who haven’t travelled by e-bus yet (HU language version):

Questionnaire for bus drivers, who have already driven e-buses (HU language version):

Questionnaire for bus drivers, who haven’t driven e-buses yet (HU language version):

Questionnaire for people, who are involved in e-bus service/maintenance (HU language version):

The questionnaires are anonymous, only your sex and age category should be indicated when filling in the boxes with your choices.

Thank you for your kind assistance!


The eBussed project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Hungary.