The South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. participates as a partner in the FIRECE CE1131 INTERREG CENTRAL EUROPE project. The main objective of the project is to increase regional capacities to manage energy plans, in particular local resources, which will help the industrial sector, including SMEs, to invest in renewable energy sources.

During the last one year two pilot actions were implemented in the frame of FIRECE project. The aim of the first pilot project is to develop innovative financial instruments, the second focus on monitoring the completed or current energy efficiency investments of 8 SMEs per partner, and, as an optional activity, supporting SMEs in writing new projects. Towards the end of the implementation period, the activities in the pilot projects were successfully completed, with the emphasis on disseminating the results.

In order to ensure the efficiency of the communication and the widest possible presentation of the implemented activities, five videos were made in connection with the first pilot action with the participation of the South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Kft.. The videos are available on the following links:

Pilot action in Austria:

Pilot action in Czech Republic:

Pilot action in Germany:

Pilot action in Italy:

Pilot action in Hungary:


A projekt az Interreg Central Europe Programon belül az Európai Unió és a Magyar Állam társfinanszírozásában valósul meg.