The South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency, partner of the Regions 4Food Interreg Europe project, takes part in interregional experience exchange focused activities so as to make the most of new economic opportunities based on information, data and cognitive technologies and promote innovation-driven growth in Hungarian agriculture and food industry.
To expand its related knowledge and skills, the Agency participated on the 4th webinar of Track project  ( ) on April 21, 2020, where five cases/good practices were presented.
The Spanish WatSat Project was first introduced, which is a demonstration project that has been granted under the DIVA Call#1 with consortium members of Evenor-Tech and Tepro. Watsat is an application that works using satellite images and a modelling approach to estimate soil water efficiency.
Following that the developer of My AgroPlanning application, the Agroplanning was introduced. The app allows to track vehicles in real time, get weather and satellite information and analyse the data collected.

The third one was the Italian Agronica, presenting its development processes according to customer needs, which resulted in the establishment of the GIAS platform.


The next to come was AgriFarmLab, which is a support system of innovative solutions for the agricultural market, and it connects young entrepreneurs and farmers.

Last but not least the French Territorial Innovation Laboratory (LIT) also presented itself. The Laboratory for Territorial Innovation (LIT) field crops in Auvergne is based on a new innovation approach in agriculture: the Living Lab method. This open, participative and agile method makes it possible to co-create innovations with the users of the territory, in real conditions.