The Hungarian ArchEnerg Cluster welcomed its project partners in Szeged on 25-26 March 2019. The mutual project SCOBE focuses on the creation of two online training courses in the field of wind energy. The participants of this Erasmus Plus programme are: Vea Qualitas (Spain), Acrosslimits Ltd. (Malta), MAICH (Greece), GMI (France), Accentuate (North East) Limited (UK) and ArchEnerg Cluster (Hungary). Unfortunately, GMI was unable to be present at the meeting but its representative joined the team via skype for a while.

The central topic of the partnership meeting was the technical part of the platform of the training material about which the partners expressed their opinions and shared their ideas and suggestions. The first learning course is already on the website of the project: though it will have been completely ready by the beginning of May. The interested will be able to do it in English, Greek, Spanish, French or Hungarian languages. Links will be included in the training material for more, detailed information and interesting videos, quizzes will be provided to make learning more enjoyable. The ones who are willing to do the course will have to register after which they will be given a username and a password. Both courses are free for everyone.

The first course titled as Introduction Course in Wind Energy’ contains general information about electricity generation, a bit of history of the development of wind turbines, the construction of onshore and offshore wind turbines, the global challenges of climate change and several other interesting topics covering the area of wind energy. This course is developed for people with no previous knowledge of wind energy. The second one focuses on composite repair with the title of Bonded Composite Repair of Wind Turbine Blades’ and the students can learn about the types of composite materials, the necessary equipments of composite repair, the construction of the rotor blades and so on. This course is for the ones who have some previous knowledge of wind energy.

The project partners hope that the courses will attract a great number of people who are willing to learn about the above mentioned. The meeting ended with a bit of sightseeing in the city centre of Szeged.