From three Brazilian states (Pará, Paraná and Pernambuco) executive officers and professionals representing the innovation sector visited Tolna County with the purpose to get to know the local knowledge base and geographical conditions so as to initiate cooperation with the local decision makers. This study visit, organised by Hétfa Research Institute and Tolna County Council, was implemented within the EU-CELAC Platform of the European Commission. The platform itself intends to function as an information and communication forum for funding agencies, universities, research centres, enterprises and individuals interested in the bi-regional cooperation on research and innovation between European Union – Latin America and Caribbean.

As part of the 6th November 2018 program of the visit, Tolna County Development Agency (TCDA) and the South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. (STRIA) had the opportunity to introduce their current projects of European Territorial Cooperation. Mr. Zsolt Pálmai, deputy director of STRIA presented the projects I-CON, FIRECE and BOOSTEE-CE, which are all implemented within the Interreg Central Europe Programme. Besides these the projects of Medtech4 Europe, Regions4Food and SET-UP are implemented within the Interreg Europe Programme. Last, but not least, the V-Educa 2 – being an educational project  co-financed through Interreg V-A Hungary-Croatia Co-operation Programme 2014-2020 – was also presented. From these seven projects, TCDA is partner of SET-UP and BOOSTEE-CE projects, whilst STRIA is partner of the remaining ones. 

The members of the Brazilian delegation showed interest to food industry and wine sector, therefore the projects being introduced by STRIA were particularly relevant for them.

Presented projects on the study visit are all co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and Hungary.