The South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency Nonprofit Ltd. (STRIA) took part in the latest I-CON project meeting, which was held in Treviso  from 15th to 17th October 2018.

The I-CON project stands out to put together food SMEs needs and solution providers, enhancing their own potentials along the food value chain. I-CON is just about linking cross-sectoral competences in design, mechatronics and labelling to food processing, in order to increase SMEs competitiveness and above all to create a sustainable socio-economic multiplier effect.

On the first day the project partners have discussed the latest updates of the I-CON Project: the achievements and planned activities were presented. The partners were also talking about utilizing the DesignCrowd platform. Within the framework of the project: a competition – in connection with food packaging – will be organized by the partners in each countries. Through the DesignCrowd platform, the most appropriate food oriented SMEs could be selected for a new design and labelling. (Further information about the competition will be available in November.)

The meeting was followed by visiting Villa Sandi – as good practice: the most iconic place of wine production in the cultural heritage of the Trevisan land. The partners were visiting the nearly 1,5 km long underground cellars of Villa Sandi and the beautiful Villa of the seventeenth century in Palladian style. On the second day  the communication of the project was in focus.

More information about the I-CON project: and .

The project is implemented within the Interreg Central Europe Programme with the co-finance of the European Regional Development Fund and the Hungarian State.