The South Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency and the Campden BRI Hungary organized a workshop titled Food Quality, Safety, Packaging and Production Technology at Szekszárd on 19th April 2018. The event was co-financed by Interreg Central Europe Programme, the European Regional Development Fund and by the State of Hungary. 30 participats took part on the event where the successful good practices were peresented that are currently relevant for Tolna County.

The speakers of the event came from the different areas of the food sector: two development engineers from the Campden BRI, the president of the Local For Rural Development Association, the director of the National Chamber of Agriculture and two consultants from Széchenyi Program Office.

The participants were greeted by the deputy director of STRIA, who also presented the I-CON project and the opportunities for SMEs in the project.


Following that participants could listen to a presentation about community marketing solutions and how to do image building. The good practices were presented from the north bank of Lake Balaton.


Quality Assurance and Food Safety Solutions for suppliers of SME’s for Trade Chains were the title of the next presentation explaining why the requirements of commercial food safety and quality standards are important for both merchants and consumers. The steps to introduce food safety standards, the main themes of the system, how the evaluation process takes place, its benefits and resources were presented.


The audience was introduced to advanced IT and manufacturing solutions describing the main drivers of the food industry, its needs and the main drivers of food innovation. In the presentation, solutions to the management of food safety hazards and risks as well as the maintenance and improvement of quality was audible.


In the presentation of the Food Industry Directorate of the National Chamber of Agricultural Economics, information on their key tasks and opportunities for applications were reported as well as in the last two presentations of the Széchenyi Program Office, where participants could be informed about two application opportunity, one about Support for building energy development using renewable energy the other was about Internship program to support beginners at food industry companies.