Slovenia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia are facing declining employment opportunities in traditional industries as a result of structural change.

This emphasises the need to take steps to stimulate economic activity with employment generating potential in regions that are facing difficulties in maintaining a critical mass of facilities to support economic development.

Analysis show that the food sector together with other value-chain related sectors represent one of the most important, potential fields to leverage improvement of socio-economic situation in remote areas. 

Within this framework, those Central Europe Countries, together with Austria, Italy and Germany, will design and implement a sustainable transnational action plan to generate competitive advantages for SMEs and proactive hints for intermediaries and institutional representative levels.

Ten competent partners bringing knowledge competences and reliable and strong relationships with their local environments, will collaborate to improve entrepreneurial competences and skills in remote areas through food innovation potentials. 

Outputs of I-CON will be a joint transnational food mentor scheme and a food crowd design platform usability.  

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